Our Story

Sometime back in 2018, clients of our parent company The Game Changers let out a collective groan at least twice a week. They needed help with the endless tasks that their businesses required, and they needed it FAST. 


If only there was a way to magic someone into the business that could hit the ground running… without having to go through lengthy recruitment cycles? Someone who was highly skilled, flexible and cost-effective, and awesome to work with?


Barry and his team couldn’t find an outsourcing solution that was perfect for The Game Changers or their clients... 


So he put on his Genie hat and created it. (That’s us!)


At first, we exclusively worked with The Game Changers’ Opulence members, but soon word got around about us. Business owners were raving about their VAs and the experience of working with us and referred their colleagues and wider networks. 

Soon we started supplying talented, diligent, and self-starting VAs to SMEs across Australia. Our clients love how easy the process is of finding the right people who quickly become highly valued external team members…. especially clients who have tried and failed at hiring a quality VA in the past (we’ve heard some horror stories!)

So… what’s our secret?

Part of it is the intense personality and skill profiling we undertake to make sure that the people we match with your business have the relevant experiences and attitude you’re looking for. The other part is our strong values (you can read about them below).


It doesn’t end there - we provide ongoing training, check-ins, assessments, and support to keep your VA’s skills above the curve. It’s important to us that they get the development they need to grow with your business. 



Our VAs are trained and developed in-house
to ensure they have top-notch skills in the business area that they shine in the most.


We only bring on the most experienced, reliable, proactive VAs
who you don’t need to micro-manage.


Accounting and Bookeeping

Project Management

Social Media

Human Resource and Recruitment

Lead Management

Content Development

Diary Management

Technical Development

We work with you closely to identify your unique needs
and match someone that has the skill level you require.


Some of our VAs have skill in one area an inch wide and a mile deep,
whereas others are great all-rounders that can help you stay on top of simpler stuff. 


Oh, and if you’re looking for a VA that is an expert at everything,
let us know when you find that unicorn, ok?

Our Values
Culture Contribution

We get to know your business and spend time vetting, qualifying, and evaluating our VAs to ensure they are a perfect match for your skill requirements, culture, and values. It’s our goal to find you your best fit.

Community Loyalty

We create and maintain respectful, caring relationships with our clients, staff members, virtual assistants, and their communities. Success creates ripples, and we want to spread ours far and wide!

Education and Innovation

We nurture our VAs through continuous education programs and encourage them to explore, research and use new tools to consistently improve their skill level. Our VAs come to you highly trained in systemization, project management, and all other key elements needed to deliver extraordinary results.
Happiness and Fulfilment

Our Virtual Assistants are the backbone of our company. We ensure that we know what is important for them in the work that they are doing, what kind of fulfillment they get from their roles, and that they are happy with their clients. Happy employees create the best results!

Meet the Alchemists

We like to think of ourselves as business matchmakers.
But you can think of us as your secret weapon for rapid growth.

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Monty Hooke

Managing Partner


Barry Magliarditi

Chief Executive Officer


Heather Disher

The Integrator


Kimberlee Calvelo

Tech Insurgence


Kimberly Jane Silvallana

Talent Attraction Lead

slack photo (1)

Joseph Malig

Chief of Happiness

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Daniel Arceo

Client Care

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