Our Story

We began as part of an Australian business who provided coaching to business owners.  As the company grew, we needed new team members and not just any team but people who got our vision and values and wanted to be part of our growth.  The problem was we couldn’t find the right service to help us. Recruitment agencies keep presenting us with the right fit, lovely individuals but they didn’t fit our needs.  It became obvious to us that because we wanted more than just skills, we wanted remote workers with values and culture alignment, we wanted our people to be part of our long term plans, we wanted team members!


So, we created our own solution - we recruited virtual assistants for ourselves and built an internal agency fit for our needs.  We did this so well and had such great success within the business that our clients wanted us to hire a virtual assistant for them, so we got serious and formed a company.






Alchemy Outsourcing was incorporated in Australia and offered VA services including performance and people management.  As we grew, we gained the notice of other companies within the sector and in 2022 we welcomed a merger which resulted in a newly formed global Alchemy Outsourcing serving business owner team requirements across the world.


Since our expansion we have stepped further into our style, we continue to expand with new ownership, an amazing core team and we remain not your typical outsourcing agency - we offer virtual assistant services to business owners that want team members, if you’re looking for a short term contracted worker, we are not the company for you but if you’re looking for support to find your next team member then we would love to talk with you.


We are Alchemy Outsourcing, supporting chaos to calm through the placement of the right people into the right roles.


Master your Strengths, Outsource your Weakness



Our VAs are trained and developed in-house.


We only bring on the most experienced, reliable, proactive VAs
who you don’t need to micro-manage.


Administration Support

Project Management

Social Media

Human Resource and Recruitment

Lead Management

Content Development

Diary Management

Technical Development

We work with you closely to identify your unique needs.


Some of our VAs have skill in one area an inch wide and a mile deep,
whereas others are great all-rounders that can help you stay on top of simpler stuff. 

Our Values
Culture Contribution

We get to know your business and spend time vetting, qualifying, and evaluating our VAs to ensure they are a match for your skill requirements, culture, and values. It’s our goal to find you your best fit and a team member who contributes to the growth of your business.


We create and maintain respectful, caring, and accountable relationships. We value you and want to ensure your success, because we know that success creates ripples  and we want to spread opportunity far and wide!

Education and Application

We thrive on learning and sharing what we learn for the betterment of ourselves and those around us; whether it be personal or professional Alchemy Academy holds information ready to be turned into knowledge. We believe that challenges are the opportunities of tomorrow and the success of tomorrow is based on the choices we make today.

Happy people deliver the best results. For our VA’s we want them to be happy with their client and the role they play in that business. For our business clients we want them to be happy with their VA, happy with the way we support their business and their VA. We everyone to want to go to work each day, to want to contribute, to want to be part of something more than a job or a contract, we want our people to have a smile and feel good.


Happy People Deliver the Best Results!

Meet the Team

We like to think of ourselves as business matchmakers.
But you can think of us as your secret weapon for rapid growth.

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Monty Hooke



Heather Disher
CEO and Managing Director


Kimberly Jane Silvallana

Talent Attraction Lead

309347876_853328482323238_7831907407496897863_n (2)

Joseph Malig

Business Development Manager


Liezel Cruz

Digital Marketing Officer


Kimberlee Calvelo

Tech Insurgence

53517218_159208721740361_1701870380039274496_n (1)

Daniel Arceo

Accounts Manager

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