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Our Story

Once upon a time, we embarked on a journey as part of an Australian business, specializing in coaching business owners.  As our company flourished, we faced the unique challenge - finding not just skilled individuals but kindred spirits who shared our vision and values, people eager to be a part of our remarkable growth story.


Traditional recruitment agencies repeatedly presented us with competent candidates, lovely people, but they didn’t quite fit our distinctive needs.  It became evident that we yearned for more than mere skills, we craved remote team members who breathed our culture, walked our path and believed in our long term version.  We didn’t want employees, we wanted dedicated team members!


And so, we took matters into our own hands, crafting a bespoke solution.  We scouted and hired virtual assistants who resonated with our ethos, thereby creating an internal agency tailored precisely to our requirements.  Our success in this venture was astounding, leading to tangible outcomes for our business.  Our productivity sored and our clients noticed the difference.


Thus, Alchemy Outsourcing was born, officially incorporated in Australia, We offered a wide range of VA services, including performance and people management.  As we continued to flourish, we caught the eye of other industry players, leading to a monumental merger in 2022. This union gave rise to a revitalized global Alchemy Outsourcing, now serving business owners team needs across the globe.


Since our expansion, we’ve leaned further into our unique style, bolstered by fresh ownership and an exceptional core team.  We remain steadfastly unconventional in the outsourcing sphere.  What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to being a ‘values driven’ company.  

We break the barrier of remote working by ensuring that we contribute not just to your business’s success but we also aim to become worthy of your referrals by building trust and establishing sincere connections with our clients.  It’s not just about tasks, it's about shared values and goals.


We’re also staunch advocates of the ‘Long Term’ approach.  We work with businesses that are looking for more than just a task completer.  We value our VA’s and we expect our clients to do the same, allowing the VA to be a genuine contributing member of your team and business fostering a lasting partnership


Our internal management team comprises valued long term VA’s who don’t just excel in their roles but contribute to the greater good within and outside the business.  We call it “ Valuable AO Management” and its part of what makes us unique.


Our VA’s are equipped with specialized training that sets them apart.  They have a deep understanding of prioritization and they receive systems and process development training that enables them to support your business without being micromanaged.


Our ‘AO Process’ is designed for your success.  Our discovery call and matching strategies are proven, effective frameworks that ensure success whether you seek clarity on your discovery call or have moved forward and been matched with one of our VA’s.


We are Alchemy Outsourcing, orchestrating order from chaos through the careful placement of the right people in the right roles.  Unearth your strengths, entrust your weaknesses to us and experience the transformative outcomes that follow.



Our VAs are trained and developed in-house.


We only bring on the most experienced, reliable, proactive VAs
who you don’t need to micro-manage.


Administration Support

Project Management

Social Media

Human Resource and Recruitment

Lead Management

Content Development

Diary Management

Technical Development

We work with you closely to identify your unique needs.


Some of our VAs have skill in one area an inch wide and a mile deep,
whereas others are great all-rounders that can help you stay on top of simpler stuff. 

Our Values
Culture Contribution

We get to know your business and spend time vetting, qualifying, and evaluating our VAs to ensure they are a match for your skill requirements, culture, and values. It’s our goal to find you your best fit and a team member who contributes to the growth of your business.


We create and maintain respectful, caring, and accountable relationships. We value you and want to ensure your success, because we know that success creates ripples  and we want to spread opportunity far and wide!

Education and Application

We thrive on learning and sharing what we learn for the betterment of ourselves and those around us; whether it be personal or professional Alchemy Academy holds information ready to be turned into knowledge. We believe that challenges are the opportunities of tomorrow and the success of tomorrow is based on the choices we make today.

Happy people deliver the best results. For our VA’s we want them to be happy with their client and the role they play in that business. For our business clients we want them to be happy with their VA, happy with the way we support their business and their VA. We everyone to want to go to work each day, to want to contribute, to want to be part of something more than a job or a contract, we want our people to have a smile and feel good.


Happy People Deliver the Best Results!

Meet the Team

We like to think of ourselves as business matchmakers.
But you can think of us as your secret weapon for rapid growth.

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Monty Hooke



Heather Disher
CEO and Managing Director


Kimberly Jane Silvallana

Talent Attraction Lead

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Joseph Malig

Business Development Manager


Liezel Cruz

Digital Marketing Officer


Kimberlee Calvelo

Tech Insurgence

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Daniel Arceo

Accounts Manager

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