Thinking about hiring a virtual assistant?

Working with us will gain you at least 10 hours extra time a week.

Hi I’m Heather!

I’ve been where you are today - working long hours, doing everything myself with no time to celebrate wins, just keep going.


With the right person I was able to do what I do best!  I had time to focus, deliver and create.  With one person who supported and worked with me my business grew.


I want to support you to reach your goals, I want you to have that one person to help you. Book a time to have a chat with me.

We have matched hundreds of business owners
with the right virtual team member.

A team member that delivers an outcome specific to your needs.


A team member that can be part of your work force

either part time or full time.

Someone who fits you and your business! 


Imagine for a moment what that would feel like - to have someone to help you, someone who knows what you expect and can deliver, someone to work with you each day, someone to help you achieve your goals.

Feels right, if you can’t feel it yet trust me it feels great!

Book a time to have a chat with me


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We are not right for you if you:

Are looking for the lowest hourly rate

Don’t care about people who work with you

Won’t prioritize 15 -30 minutes a day for the first few weeks with your new team member

Don’t value equity and diversity

 Don’t align with our values

Running a business knowing if you don’t get help it won’t last is a scary space to be in. We understand that and can help you plan some time so you can welcome a new person into your business. The benefits of short term discomfort by squeezing some extra time for training have huge positive impacts in the medium and long term.

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Do you have a business where you are the only person who adds value to it?

You have 2 options 1. Keep doing what you're doing or 2. Invest in yourself and talk to us about a virtual assistant to help you.

Do you have a business model where you have to work more to make more money?

You have 2 options 1. Keep doing what you're doing or 2. Invest in yourself and talk to us about a virtual assistant to help you.

Do you have so much work that you don’t know how you're going to deliver?

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You have 3 options 1. Reject or push back some of the work, 2. Find a way to get it done (sleep is overrated right (wrong) or 3. Talk to us, we understand, I’ve been in this position and the way out was to get help.  


Talk to me about what keeps you up at night.  Maybe one of my beautiful AO VA’s is the fit solution for you, maybe not. You won’t have wasted your time because you will be talking to someone who has been where you are, someone who understands. 

We don’t just save you time, we help you transform your business and your life!


Picture a future where you have a better work life balance, where you have the freedom to pursue your passions, where you have time to really connect and engage with those you love and want to spend time with.  That’s the life you deserve!   Let us help you obtain that future

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Imagine for a moment that you start your day without worrying about how you're going to get everything done.

Imagine that you have a busy day but you have the time to get everything done. Imagine being able to schedule time in your week to think strategically about your business, revamp an old product or maybe create a new offering. Imagine being able to grab lunch with a friend or a client and not have to worry about calls and emails. Imagine been able to create some cool content and not have to worry about editing and posting, you are free to create. Imagine being able to spend time with your staff, Imagine your 1 on 1 meetings, Imagine how empowered and valued your staff will feel. Feels and looks good right - RIGHT!  Now do something to get yourself there - you're amazing and you're worthy, we believe in you and what you're giving to the world.

This could be you! How?

Book a connect call with us today.


We can deliver:


A virtual team member that delivers the outcomes
you need within budget and on time.


Someone you can rely on


Someone who wants to work with you
to help you achieve your goals

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Work with us with confidence.

We guarantee that we can find and provide you
with a virtual worker that is right for you.

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