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As Santa’s elves work very hard throughout the year in their workshop where they restore, build and source presents for children all over the world, our AO team works hard on our workshop (or as we like to call it our match making process) all year too.  We are in a way also restoring, building and sourcing because our process is focused on finding the right VA for your role. This means we aren’t just focused on experience, we are also interested in skills learned and lived, values, culture alignment, personality and goals.

As I’m sure you are aware, recruitment all over the world in any form is about matching a person to a role or job, and there are so many (hundreds maybe even more) ways different companies match people to jobs. It’s not possible to be totally unique but it is possible to be different. We are different! 


What makes us so different is that we see the person, whether that be you as the business owner needing to find your first VA or a VA looking for a great placement.  While technical skills and qualifications are important, values and personal attributes play a significant role in determining whether a candidate is the right fit. 

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Generally speaking, some of the ways that recruiters match people to jobs can be via an online job portal with preset minimum requirements (don’t get me started on why I think this system is outdated), they might have a database of resumes, use networking and candidate screening systems then they would move to candidate screening with the help of data analytics and AI, many also use behavioral and personality assessments.  Some companies have custom recruitment systems and software that tracks and manages applications, adding in industry knowledge a good relationship with the client and you have the general approach. 


Why do we still hear horror stories about staff? Generally speaking the above list is great; so why do we still get the wrong people; I believe there are three reasons; 

  1. some people are really good liars and deceivers they present not as they are and it doesn’t take long to find them out; 
  2. Sometimes what a person wants and what they are suited too don’t match, we are all human so sometimes we get it wrong for ourselves;
  3. there is no space for the person to be seen - the process needs to allow for personal input because let's face it we spend more time at work than we do in any other environment. 

At AO we go to great lengths to connect to the person. We get to know you as the business owner and we get to know our VA’s and we continue to connect and engage with you both in a number of ways because we want to support you both and facilitate a great place for our VA’s to shine and a great match for both of you.


Here’s why getting personal through values and personal attributes matter in the recruitment and hiring process particular for a VA placement.


Cultural Fit:

  • Values alignment contributes to cultural fit within an organization. When a candidate's values align with the company's mission, vision, and culture, they are more likely to integrate well into the team and contribute positively to the work environment.
  • In virtual environments, it's important for a VA to align with the company's culture and values. This alignment ensures a smooth integration into the team and consistent representation of the company's ethos.

Long-Term Success:

    • Hiring based on values and personal attributes can contribute to long-term success in a role. A candidate who shares similar values with the organization is more likely to stay engaged, motivated, and committed to their work over time.
    • For a VA to be successful in the long term, they need to be motivated, reliable, and committed. Personal attributes such as self-motivation and a strong work ethic are crucial for sustaining productivity in a remote setting over long periods of time.

Team Collaboration:

    • Personal attributes such as communication style, collaboration skills, and interpersonal dynamics are crucial for effective teamwork. Hiring individuals with compatible attributes can enhance team cohesion and productivity.
    • VA’s often collaborate with various team members, even if it's in a virtual space. Effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate with team members remotely are essential and in many cases refined attributes.

Adaptability and Cultural Agility:

    • Values and personal attributes often reflect a person's adaptability and cultural agility. In a rapidly changing work environment, employees who are adaptable and can navigate diverse cultures and perspectives are valuable assets to the organization.
    • VA’s come from different backgrounds and locations. Adaptability and cultural agility become crucial in navigating diverse work settings and ensuring effective communication.

Ethical Considerations:

    • Values are closely tied to ethics. Hiring individuals with strong ethical values can contribute to maintaining a positive and ethical work environment, which is crucial for the reputation and integrity of the organization.
    • Ethical considerations are important for any role, including VA’s. Trust is paramount in remote working relationships, and hiring someone with strong ethical values contributes to a positive and trustworthy working relationship.

Employee Engagement:

    • When employees feel a strong connection to the values of the organization, they are more likely to be engaged in their work. This engagement can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall organizational success.
    • In a virtual setting, employee engagement is critical. VA’s who feel a connection to the organization's values and mission are likely to be more engaged and committed to their work.

Leadership Qualities:

    • Values influence leadership qualities. 
    • Depending on specific tasks, a VA may need to demonstrate leadership qualities such as initiative, problem-solving skills, and the ability to take ownership of tasks. These qualities can contribute to the efficiency and success of the VA.

Innovation and Problem-Solving:

    • Certain personal attributes, such as creativity, curiosity, and resilience, are essential for innovation and problem-solving. Hiring individuals with these attributes can contribute to the organization's ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive landscape.
    • VA’s may be involved in various tasks that require problem-solving and innovation. Attributes like creativity and adaptability can be valuable for finding efficient solutions in a virtual work environment.

While technical skills, such as proficiency in a relevant software or tool are crucial for a VA, considering the values and personal attributes can help ensure a well rounded and successful placement. 


This is the same no matter the hire - everyone gets a better result when you factor in the person


Until next time. Stay fabulous!


CEO and Managing Partner

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