Dean Spicer of RECIPS Electrical

Dean Spicer
RECIPS Electrical

"We used the Alchemy VA service to hire and manage our first VA.

It was unknown territory for us and they have made it a breeze. They have been fantastic in training and managing our VA who BTW is awesome and we would not be without!"

Dean Spicer of RECIPS Electrical

Vanessa Fiducia
Profit First Accounting

"We are so so happy with Cess. She has become like a part of my family now.

Cess is such an asset to our team."

Terry Went
Brand Fences

"I really love the way you look after the VAs. I think it's really wonderful. The difference between Alchemy Outsourcing and others that are out there is that you look after everybody. It's lovely!

The quality of my VA's work is brilliant. What she is doing is being done quicker than if I were to do it. She's across in everything I suggest and she gives me complete information.

Dona is just an integral part of our team.


Kristy Fairbairn
Oasis Bookkeeping Services

"This just happened. My amazing EA from Alchemy started a month ago and part of her big tasks was to clear my Karbon Triage tasks, notes, emails, and assign to its rightful place and contact. She started with nearly 5000 items to deal with.

I feel so much clearer now and set a KPI for my team to have the same cleared triage themselves. Now I can practice what I preach."


Ram Kishore
E2E Prosys

"Carmina is so awesome! I am very pleased with her flexibility and resilience and how she handles challenges."

Georgie Brooke
Greater Data

"Felma is such a valued member of our team and we are lucky to have her!"

Sue Ann van Den Akker

"Allaine has been working out so well! Fantastic recommendation from you! He is full of self initiatives!"

Sue Ann van Den Akker

"Christine is always great, reliable, and punctual. She has made my mornings and evenings better with all invoices completely up to date on a daily basis!"

Tom Cross
Cross Coastal Carpentry

"We could not live without our VA. He is a crucial member of our team!"

Jacqui Cubis
Evolutionary Workflow

"She is absolutely fabulous. She has fitted in with the team perfectly, asks questions and answers them before I get a chance. She is smart, quick and really understands exactly what we need. Her written & spoken English is astounding & I am comfortable with her commenting on my FB pages as herself already!"

Clint Morgan
Freedom Fest

"I think trying to find a good VA is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; yet with the help of Alchemy VA service, they made it really really simple, really effortless. They presented us with some amazing candidates for the roles that we wanted to fill. Having been working with those VAs is nothing but amazing, true asset to our company and to the projects we are working on.

When you got a big vision, the support is crucial to manifesting that vision so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I highly recommend using Alchemy VA service in the future"

Leah and Mat Fisher
Electric Cool Geraldton

"I highly recommend Alchemy outsourcing. They have been amazing in getting our VA up and running and in providing specific training for our needs."

Haami Williams
Wirecon Concrete Constructions

Radz, our VA, is an exceptional communicator, fully engaged in the process and will be a great asset to the team. She was always available at the times stated for training and asked pertinent and thoughtful questions during our time together. The training took place via the Teams app, with me sharing my screen and video with Radz which felt like I was training someone in the office. Overall, the experience with Alchemy was seamless and I would recommend to anyone!

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