More Valuable Than Precious Metal!

Last month one of our new clients referred us to a fellow business owner; nothing unusual except when you think about it both were referrals.  So a referral referred someone to us - I love that!  We did such a great job of delivering what we said we would and creating an experience that could be shared with another business owner.   The result was we had two fabulous new clients; what I was most proud of was that the Discovery Call experience gave each person the clarity they needed to make a decision about how they wanted or needed to move forward.


“I couldn’t keep the smile from my face all day, I was so proud of my team”

New business through referrals, this is not unusual however many companies spend a lot of  their marketing budget on advertising and promotion of their services, like others we run marketing campaigns but we don’t focus the bulk of our resources there. We connect with other business owners who are interested in affiliate, preferred supplier and or referral partner programs, do you ask your clients for referrals?


The risk of having a referral program is that if we get it wrong even just one time that one time could be shared with others within the affiliate network and our and their brand, reputation and business would be negatively affected, we take this risk because a. We believe in ourselves and I believe in my team b. We back our system and processes and b. We believe in our partners.

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Aside from our referral program and partners we also ask everyone that comes to us about their experience which means we get referrals from people that aren’t clients.  They had a discovery call and loved our process, loved the clarity they got and told people to connect with us.  Creating a good experience for everyone is something we value.


Do you have a referral system?  Many companies don’t, maybe your a business where getting a referral isn’t of value, I can not think of one business that would apply too or maybe you don’t have a system but you do get referrals from time to time.   Whatever your situation I encourage you to consider a referral program for your business, no matter the business you are in, referrals are more valuable than gold to your business.  These are customers that talk about you to others and they speak well about you, they had such a good experience they want to share it - like I said more valuable than a precious metal.


What makes referrals so good

  • They come with a higher trust level, given they trusted the person that referred them
  • They usually know something about you, from the person that referred them
  • They are positive and open to discussion
    • More open to sharing their challenges and or concerns
  • They respond when they say they will, they are more trustworthy


Are there downsides to a referral?

  • They have expectations - you need to know what they are or you may not met them
  • They usually go through your process quicker / this can also be a positive

If you would like to talk to us about being a referral partner we would love to hear from you or maybe you would like to experience our Discovery Call to see if a VA from AO is right for you.


Until next time. Stay fabulous!


CEO and Managing Partner

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