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I received a text message from a very wise and fabulous business owner friend, we were talking about systems and the importance of having strong fit for purpose processes within a system she said “you should share what happens on one of your discovery calls, like really unpack it so that anyone would be able to feel the process”.  I loved this idea. If you're like us and have a discovery call process or a path way for interested people to connect with you to find out if what you offer is something that fits their need then this is for you. 

A few days before your meeting you will receive an email reminder, confirming your time, again if you're anything like me you will double check you have the time and ensure you are ready.  I mean I’m surely not the only one who hates sitting on a zoom call waiting and waiting for someone to show up – yep super annoying.  I don’t like it when it happens to me so I don’t do it to others.


Now it’s Discovery Call Time!


On your call will be one of our amazing team (yep I’m biased and I’m ok with that) of Business Development Manager’s, he/she will have all the tools and resources to take you through this journey regardless of whether you move forward with a contract with us or not.  

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Our goal is simple: we want to give you clarity about your next steps, that’s it, we won't be trying to sell you a contract that is not what we are about.




First – we will take you through what you can expect on this call and a little about us but this is really about you so the majority of time will be spent on listening not talking.


Second – Getting to know you further, we will ask some questions about your business and what brought you to this call.


Third – If it seems likely that having another team member will be helpful to you and your business, we take you through a Task Audit.  This will begin to create clarity as it uncovers where you could delegate, outsource or where to keep certain tasks.  


Fourth – review of Task Audit results.  We will show you what the results mean and how you can use those results, what your options might be thus creating further clarity.

If at this point it becomes clear that your business is not ready for another team member then knowing this is clarity and our Discovery Call purpose has been achieved.  We answer any questions and ensure you are confident about your options moving forward.  We also encourage you to share our Discovery Call link with a fellow business owner so that we can give them clarity as well.  Your Discovery Call would end here.


If at this point it becomes clear that your business is ready for another team member we move forward and take you through our ROI tool.  This tool highlights the costs of another person, the savings (yep hiring someone can actually save you money) and the potential profit that comes from freeing up your time to be active on your business instead of in it.


From here we will check if you have clarity about how you would like to proceed -  Do you need to hire a new team member, will they be someone onsite or remote, will they be a VA or another type of staff member?


If having a VA looks like the right solution we will take you through our onboarding process, our timeline and answer any questions you have.    At this point you will either want time to think through the clarity you have gained or you are ready to move forward with a VA. Next step is for us to email you a proposal which includes confirmation of our conversation,  process, timeline, cost and terms.


So, that’s what happens during an Alchemy Outsourcing Discovery Call.  Our Discovery Call is a key process in our lead generation and community care system. Processes are key to ensure Systems work correctly and remember without Systemisation business can’t grow beyond a certain point. 

Key takeaways 

  • having a discovery call with us will bring you clarity about whether you need or can sustain a new team member; 
  • create a process for anything you do over and over and ensure it’s part of a system that supports your business goals and vision and 
  • don’t forget that business owners need to delegate, so delegate the process creation. You should be spending your time on tasks that bring in business.


If you have questions about our Discovery Call process or any of our process and systems then reach out to us by emailing connect@alchemyoutsourcing.com.


If you would like to book your own Discovery Call we would love to meet you.

Feel free to share the link with your business colleagues. We want as many business owners as possible to move from chaos to calm and we don’t mind spending time giving you clarity even if you don’t have a contract with us, maybe your clarity will create a referral to us.  


Until next time. Stay fabulous!


CEO and Managing Partner

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