Should You Hire a Part Time or
Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Congratulations you decided to hire a VA! Your next decision is; will your VA be working part time or full time.


Deciding whether to go part-time or full-time with a VA depends on factors such as your business needs, budget, and the nature of the tasks you want your VA to handle. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

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Workload and Task Complexity


Full Time

      • Consistent and heavy workload that requires a dedicated presence, a full-time VA might be more suitable.
      • For tasks that demand continuous monitoring or immediate responses, a full-time VA might be more appropriate.
      • A full-time VA provides a consistent presence and may be better suited for businesses with a steady workload.

Part Time

      • Sporadic or less demanding tasks, a part-time VA could be the solution.
      • If the tasks are routine, repetitive, and don't require constant attention, a part-time VA may be sufficient.
      • If your business has fluctuating workloads or seasonal demands, a part-time VA may allow for flexibility of tasks.


  • Budget
    • If you are just starting out on your growth and delegation journey then part-time may align with your financials.
    • If the tasks are complex and require extensive training, having a full-time VA might make more sense to maximize the return on training investment. 


  • Communication and Time Zone
    • Consider the communication requirements of your business. If you need instant responses and collaboration, having a full-time VA in a similar or overlapping time zone might be crucial.


  • Scalability
    • If you're planning business growth, hiring a full-time VA might be more scalable, providing stability as your workload increases and the business grows.
    • Growing with your team has enormous value for culture, focus and commitment.


  • Personal Preferences
    • Consider your personal work style and preferences. Some business owners prefer a dedicated, full-time resource, while others find part-time arrangements more suitable.


Ultimately, the decision should align with your specific business needs, goals, and budget. Assess your current situation and project future needs to determine the most suitable arrangement for your VA.


If you're still unsure then our process might be the answer for you - Alchemy Outsourcing’s Discovery Call process  gives you clarity.  Clarity about whether you need or want to consider hiring a VA and clarity about the role including part time or full time.


During our Discovery Call process for those that find they are interested and want to hire a VA we take you through our Task Audit - this is a fantastic tool that with support from us allows you to list all (no matter how big or small) the tasks that your VA could or should be doing and how long it currently takes you to complete these tasks and there may be tasks that you are doing that you could delegate.


With your task audit completed it will show the type of role you need a VA for ie: admin, marketing, sales or combination etc, the tasks within their role and whether they are needed part time or full time you can see on the page. It’s a powerful tool that we are happy to share with you.


Until next time. Stay fabulous!


CEO and Managing Partner

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