Start Strategizing Your Career

as a virtual assistant by this proven and unique Foundation Training from Alchemy Academy and become a High-End Virtual Assistant for any business!

Dear Virtual Angels

We have processed thousands of candidates for the Iast 3 years
and we see the same issues and challenges time and time again.

Does any of these sound familiar?

You've been trying to apply as a VA numerous times but you are not being chosen.

You feel that you do not have experience as a VA; therefore disqualifying you as a candidate.

You have the skills, the right experiences, you are fabulous but do not know how to jumpstart your career as a VA.

You need help in improving yourself as a qualified candidate on paper and during interviews.

You need training to become qualified as a general VA or as an executive assistant.

You simply cannot imagine how to start the process of applying as a VA.

If you can relate to any of these, don't worry.
You're not alone!


The way out is simple - BE SERIOUSLY TRAINED!


That's where we can help!

Here at Alchemy Academy, we specialize in finding, managing, and training virtual assistants! Now, we will offer our proven and unique Foundation Course to anybody who needs it!


Our Virtual Assistants in Alchemy Outsourcing now have a long-term career and meaningful purpose in the business of their respective clients because of this course that we are about to offer to you at an introductory price of Php 499 instead of Php 999!

Alchemy Academy

Alchemy Academy Introductory Price


You Will Discover...

How to understand and develop your VA Foundation Skills

Inbox Management for CEOs

Project Tool Course

How to Build Your Resume and Video

Impression and Perception Management

How to Systemize The Business of Your Client

How to Nail Your Interviews

How to Become a Qualified and High End VA Candidate


Actual Client Interviews, Activities and Handouts, Feedback on the results of the activities completed, Video and Resume templates, etc.

Another Bonus:
Be profiled immediately as a qualified candidate for an open job in Alchemy Outsourcing should we see you fit for it!


Another Bonus:
Free digital training certificate and you will be invited to come to join us for free quarterly webinars.

Our Values
Culture Contribution

We get to know your business and spend time vetting, qualifying, and evaluating our VAs to ensure they are a perfect match for your skill requirements, culture, and values. It’s our goal to find you your best fit.

Community Loyalty

We create and maintain respectful, caring relationships with our clients, staff members, virtual assistants, and their communities. Success creates ripples, and we want to spread ours far and wide!

Education and Innovation

We nurture our VAs through continuous education programs and encourage them to explore, research and use new tools to consistently improve their skill level. Our VAs come to you highly trained in systemization, project management, and all other key elements needed to deliver extraordinary results.
Happiness and Fulfilment

Our Virtual Assistants are the backbone of our company. We ensure that we know what is important for them in the work that they are doing, what kind of fulfillment they get from their roles, and that they are happy with their clients. Happy employees create the best results!

Alchemy Academy

Alchemy Academy Introductory Price


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