Alchemy Outsourcing
will pay 50% of your first month's contract.

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We'll take care of half!

Our contracts are 3 months minimum to begin with then month to month.  


Your first month will be 50% paid by you and 50% paid by Alchemy Outsourcing.


Month two and three will be 100% paid by you and because we know that you will love the value that your VA brings to you and your business your contract with us is month to month from month four..

Your much needed help is on the way!

Finally, you will have the help that you need from your own VA.


Someone who can work with you; maybe you need help with admin tasks, marketing, customer service, whatever help you need, we will work to find you the best VA fit.


We consider a VA’s skills, their cultural and values alignment along with lived experience and their preferences and character.

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Supporting Your Success!

And, because we back ourselves and believe in what we do - we know that you will love the rewards that you and your business get by having a VA from Alchemy Outsourcing.


We will pay your virtual assistant their 6 month bonus when you tell us they have been A MAZ ING and why.


Acknowledging and showing support and gratitude (bonus being one way) is part of how we support you to have a great working relationship with your VA.

Yes, you read correctly.


1. You pay for 50% of your first months contract and we pay the other 50% and


2. We will pay an excellent bonus to your VA at 6 months with our joint gratitude.


Act NOW this opportunity is available to only 4 businesses.


What are you waiting for - click on the BUY NOW button and follow the prompts.


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This offer is available until Feb 29, 2024 or until all 4 places are filled.


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